Chanel Numéros Rouges

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Make-up artist Lucia Pica is impressing us with her highly creative innovations for Chanel – but this just might be our favourite yet: a curated collection of red lipsticks, with the perfect shade for everyone in what is turning out to be a Red Lipstick Season.

There are two Rouge Allure shades and two new Rouge Allure Velvets (a little more matte). Two have warm undertones, two cool – and we suggest you have not only have a little word with a Chanel make-up artist on their counter to discover yours, but get him/her to demo on you to find your just-so shade.

Red lipstick scaredy-cats can opt instead for Rouge Coco Gloss in one of two sheerer shades: a bright coral and a deep, sexy red.

But do that and you’ll miss out on the limited edition, shiny red packaging for these new lipsticks.

Which would be a real shame because it’s GORGEOUS!!!

Chanel Rouge Allure/£30 - buy here

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet/£30 - buy here

Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss/£26 – buy here

Lucia’s red lip tip: ‘You can still wear red even if you’re not a bold red girl: the key is not to be overly precise. With the red lipsticks in the Chanel Numéros Rouges collection, you can also dab the colour on with your fingertips, or for a more relaxed approach to glamour, apply from the tube then subtly blend the edges with your fingertips.’