Chanel Lip Fusion Ink


We've raved about Chanel's long-lasting lip inks before. (You can read that here.)

They're bloody marvels. Personally, we don't apply heavily but smoosh into lips for a just-bitten deep tint that lasts and lasts and lasts. And lasts. Oh, and did we say it lasts...? 

Rouge Allure Ink Fusion (which comes in 12 shades, spanning Beige Natural to Rouge Noir)  ramps that up by loading the formula with an even greater concentration of ultra-fine pigments. Chanel have also added an antioxidant combination (sappan wood and vitamin E) to soften and protect.

They promise eight hours of colour – and pretty much live up to that if you don't have a meal. (Drinks are fine; it's any kind of oil that budges it – just as a regular make-up remover would.)

Have we noticed a MASSIVE difference between this and the original Rouge Allure Ink...? (Which also just had 6 new metallic and 6 new shades added to the line.up, BTW.) We have not – although we're liking the slightly curved applicator. And we like having EVEN more shades to choose from in what has become our go-to lip product when we need feather-proof lipcolour that we can just apply and completely forget – and not look in the mirror hours later, and see pale, wan, washed-out lips staring back.

This really is (long)lasting love.

£31 – buy here