Champō haircare


Yes, we get sent lots of products to try. But at Beauty Bible we’re still excited enough about the world of beauty to buy lots of stuff ourselves – and that’s how we ended up with Champō in our lives. (You say it ‘char-pour’, BTW – and apparently ‘champo’ is the Sanskrit origin of the word ‘shampoo’. Who knew?)

It’s all thanks to Instagram, actually, that we got our hands on this – because it flashed up in our feed. (Champō is only available from their online store, rather than in the real world.) Ayurvedic-inspired haircare? Well, since hair’s essentially no longer living, we wondered how the heck that would work.

In reality, Champō uses the Ayurvedic dosha system to categorise hair. First, then, you have to take a ‘dosha’ test, to decide whether you are Vata (needing hydration), Pitta (needing nourishment and strength, often fine and thin) or Kapha (requiring ‘balancing’, which is essentially haircare for hair that’s thick or oily). The idea is that ‘each dosha balances physical, emotional and spiritual elements, reflected in hair’s appearance, condition and behaviour.’ (It’s worth following their @champohaircare Instagram for ongoing explanations of how it all works.)

One of the things we liked about Champō is that the products are available in very generous trial sizes – enough to tell you whether you like them or not. And we really do. Very natural formulations (they don’t irritate our scalps, which is most definitely NOT always the case), they have completely wonderful scents – yes, honestly, like being in an Ayurvedic spa somewhere, with the mix of earthy, grounding notes like patchouli and exotic tropical white flowers.

Results? On the basis of the quiz, we were prescribed Vata, which feels strengthening and deeply nourishing, leaving hair very smooth and silky, but with some body. (For your ‘prescription’, though, you’ll need to do the detailed dosha test.)

So, wallowing in free product we might be – but we certainly don’t regret spending actual dosh on our dosha-perfect haircare. 

So thanks, #Insta, for the intro. 

From £8.50 for 50ml (or £16.50 for the Discovery Pack) – buy here