Celebrate VE Day with a 1940s Elizabeth Arden makeover

BRITISH_LEGIONA bit of fun - but with a serious mission - from Elizabeth Arden. Book yourself in for a 1940s makeover, and you could help raise funds for the wonderful Royal British Legion, the charity which offers care and support to serving personnel, war veterans and their families. If you spring for a red lipstick (to be precise, an Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturising Lipstick) they'll donate £5 from every lipstick sold to the cause.

The makeovers themselves are free - but a donation is requested, for this excellent cause. (Red lipstick is of course such a signature of the classic 1940s look.)

There's a logic to all of this, too: Elizabeth Arden has always supported women throughout the war efforts, and even created a signature red lipstick for female Marines to wear as part of their standard issue uniform during World War II.

This promotion runs from 10th April to 10th May (there'll be big celebrations of VE Day on the weekend of 8th-10th May - which we admit was news to us, too!)

Simply march up to your nearest Elizabeth Arden counter, to take advantage of this, from tomorrow onwards!

(If you can't get to an Elizabeth Arden counter, these gorgeous - and comfy - red lipsticks are at www.feelunique.com/£21 each)