Beauty Clinic: haircolouring emergency - H-E-L-P!

Q. Today after spending £160 on having my hair coloured I actually cried in the salon. I used to be brunette with big brown eyes. Over the last 15 years my fine mid-length hair has gone white so I have been going blonder via highlights. This time I chose a mix of light, mid and dark blonde – and aged about 20 years. It looks awful and is dreadfully dry and cracked. I do hope there is an answer. A. We truly sympathise but the good news is that there is a rescue plan. Colourist Steven Little from John Frieda (a low-key genius who has kept many manes looking gorgeous for decades – including Sarah’s) advises this course of action.

‘You need to have some mink/dark mouse lowlights put in to give back depth and also a visual connection to your eyes. By going that light in tone, you have lost that link.

‘One of the reasons your hair looks so very dry is that, because of all the blonde tones, there is no colour that will reflect the light. Putting in the lowlights will help.

‘Additionally, you need to address the condition by using a repairing mask twice a week. You could also try massaging in warm oil (any sort) on dry hair. Wash out very thoroughly and shampoo as usual.

We also suggest you eat plenty of good oils and fats, adding olive and/or rapeseed oil to food, and consume lots of nuts and seeds, vegetables (particularly green leafy ones) and fish to help boost your essential fatty acid level. These cannot be made by your body so you must include them in your diet. Drinking plenty of still fresh water is also important, and eating some fruit daily.

So take heart and embark on Steven’s rescue plan.