Caudalie Limited Edition Beauty Elixir


You’re going to have to be quick to grab this: it’s disappearing faster than the sun is dipping over the horizon – a summer limited edition which is still just about in stock, if you make it snappy.

We’re beginning to eat our words about facial spritzes. Pah! Don’t need them, we rather thought. But both the dewiness factor AND the pleasure factor of Frances Prescott Tri-Spritz (read about it here) – and now this – mean that we’re happily spraying our faces several times a day.

First spritz: after cleansing, in the morning. (We spray onto a pad, and swipe this over faces. Quite interesting what comes off, even though we think we’ve cleansed thoroughly.)

Second spritz: around teatime, to refresh make-up AND drag us out of the mid-afternoon doldrums, with a scent that is aromatic and grounding.

Third spritz: after cleansing at night, before applying serum and night cream. We let it sink in, breathing deeply while it does so. Very grounding. Very good for helping relax a whirring brain, with its notes of bitter orange, rosemary, mint, myrrh, lemon balm and rose, along with Caudalie’s signature grape extracts.

It’s no surprise that this has been a Caudalie bestseller, since our friend, co-founder Mathilde Laurent, first launched it – gosh, can it really be 22 years ago…?

So, let’s spritz again – like we did this summer.

£32 for 100ml – buy here