Bobbi Brown new matte lip colours


Right since Bobbi Brown first launched her capsule collection of 10 lipsticks in Bergdorf Goodman, you can always find one or two of her lip products in our make-up bags. (Jo spotted the lipsticks on the ‘Up’ escalator in the store – they were on display at the foot of the moving staircase – and was so excited, when she got to the first floor she just took the ‘Down’ escalator to scoop a couple up.)

Since then, and even though Bobbi’s moved on to pastures new, lips have been an area of expertise for Bobbi Brown. And in time for make-up’s current lipstick moment, here are two of the comfiest matte innovations we’ve yet tried.

There are two matte lip innovations we want to tell you about, which have joined a line-up known as ‘House of Luxe’. Now, ‘matte’ used to make our hearts sink. It meant tight-feeling, drying, generally like wearing a girdle on our lips that was two sizes too tight. But these? Creamy. Rich. Velvety. (Actually, one of them has Velvet in the name.) Comfy as anything. And, with their high concentration of pigments, just so, so glamorous.

First up, the lipsticks you can see above above. Luxe Matte Lip Color is formulated with ‘oil-infused powders’, which probably accounts for the comfort factor. 18 shades – and as we’re feeling pretty daring this autumn, lip-wise, we’ll probably go for Red Carpet, as intense and glam as it sounds.

Secondly, the Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte. Applied via a doe-foot wand, this really does feel plush and lush on the lips – but lightweight, with it. A conditioning wild mango extract features, so we’re told – but that said, it promises 12-hour wear. We’re not sure it quite delivers on that – but it’s fairly budge-proof, for sure.

Still feeling the lipstick love for Bobbi Brown, here at Beauty Bible HQ.

Luxe Matte Lip Color/£28 - buy here

Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte/£28 - buy here