Benefit Bad Gal Bang! Mascara

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.36.24.png

It's certainly the mascara that's on everyone's lips. (Er, if you get our drift.)

Its main claim? That it will stay put for 36 hours.

Now, we are neither lazy nor slutty enough really to be able to test that claim. But what we can say is that in every other respect, Benefit Bad Girl Bang! is a superstar.

And oh, the wand. Literally the perfect wand, for us: rubberised, long (for accessing teeny lashes), highly manoeuvrable. There is no nook or cranny of your lashes that will go un-mascara-ed, with this.

The formulation's great, too: rich and black and very buildable. Know how most mascaras get a bit crunchy after the first coat? You can just go on curling or lengthening or whatever, to your heart's content. (And of course, being Benefit, the packaging is super-cute.)

So: even if your perfect evening in is catching up with The Archers before enjoying some home cooking and an early night with a book (that'll be us, then), this is just a brilliant, brilliant new addition to your kit.

£20.50 – buy here