Beauty Clinic: Safe sun for sensitive skin


Q. My skin seems to have suddenly become very sensitive to the sun and wonder if you can recommend sun protection for touchy skin particularly my face. I need something with a high SPF and preferably with a bit of colour, which won’t make me come out in blotches.

A. We would suggest looking at the Ultrasun range for sensitive skin. Earlier this summer, during a spell of hot weather, a friend of Sarah’s with a similar type of problem tried Ultrasun Face Anti-Age SPF50+ Tinted Honey/£26 for 50 ml, and wrote a delighted e-mail.

She said: ‘I seem suddenly allergic to the sun and this has made me a little tanned on my face and is just the right colour. A huge thank-you. I feel tanned without sitting in the sun and damaging my skin!’ Which is pretty impressive, we think.

There’s also an SPF50 in paler Tinted Ivory for porcelain skins, plus an SPF30 Tinted Honey.

We also like Ultrasun Face Mineral SPF30, £26 for 40ml, which is based on zinc oxide but has almost no ‘ghosting’. For those with sun spots like Sarah (due to horses and gardening), there’s Face Anti-Age & Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+/£32 for 50ml.

There’s a complementary range of Ultrasun body products too, all at  As with all sun preps, if you are out in the sun you should apply liberally before going outside, then regularly during the day, especially after swimming or playing sweaty sports. (See also our Beauty Clinic on decoding sun prep labelling here.)

And please don't forget that the best sun protection for your face is the shade, a tightly-woven broad-brimmed hat (mandatory to prevent a hair-stack too) and a pair of large Jackie O sunglasses. The bonus is you will look super-glamorous.

Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash