New Beatitude Facial Oils


We were already fans – BIG fans – of aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor’s award-winning ‘Skin Salvation’ facial oil. But now it’s been renamed – so say ‘hello’ to Beatitude Replenish Night Oil, one of a trio of oils now featured in the capsule range of this Scottish skincare brand.

It’s an interesting concept. Just as your body needs a varied diet, so does skin. So the idea with these oils is that you rotate them, using each for a four-month stretch – and then moving on.

Right now, you’d do well to start the regime with Replenish, actually: a rejuvenating mix of vitamin-enriched plant oils inlcuding rosehip, vitamin E, oat oil, evening primrose and black cumin oil, heaven-scented with natural floral notes of rose, immortelle and neroli.

As summer approaches, you might move on to light-textured Revitalise, enriched with vitamin C for skin radiance, in a blend of radiance-boosting, antioxidant oils that include raspberry seed, passion flower, rosehip and sea buckthorn, calendula, oat and wheatgerm oil. It’s light-textured and easily-absorbed – and like all Rebecca’s products, delivers a treat to the senses via the essential oil blend. (Petitgrain, mandarin and bergamot.)

The third step in your skin-nurturing programme? Check out Renew, with its vitamin A-rich oils including broccoli seed (a natural source of retinol), avocado, carrot seed oil, oat, aloe vera and rice bran oils, exquisitely fragranced with geranium, lavender and frankincense. (Smell-wise, Rebecca never puts a pipette wrong.)

Can’t choose? We suggest following your nose to the scent you like best. (Or check out the smaller 10ml sizes, which give you a generous preview of the full-size product – probably just over a month’s worth.)

All together now: one, two, three, click (below).

£14 for 10ml/£38 for 30ml – buy here