Bamford Botanic Pillow Mist


No, this isn't the first pillow mist we've raved about. (And it doesn't mean we're abandoning This Works Deep Sleep +.) But a change is as good as a rest, sometimes – and since rest is the whole point, this is definitely a welcome addition to the arsenal of sleep-inducers which slightly clutter our bedside table (because as we all know, sleep is the greatest beautifier of all).

Essential oils in here include lavender, frankincense, neroli, petitgrain, marjarom, lemon and bergamot – and it smells wonderful not only spritzed onto bedlinen, but onto your nightie/PJs.

Being Bamford, it's also seriously good-looking, in their signature green glass.

And frankly, it makes us want to go and have a delicious lie-down just writing about it...!

Bamford Botanic Pillow Mist/£20 for 50 ml at