Balade en Provence 'fruit' creams


Oh, these are just too, too, too adorable. Remember those Jif lemons (maybe they still make them), that we all used to squeeze on pancakes? Well, these are the bodycare equivalent, in several different fruit types (for different body zones).

They honestly look incredibly realistic (we’ve seriously considered tucking them in the fruitbowl for an April’s Fool). They’re a total steal, too – well under a tenner for each.

But it’s the formulations and fragrances which have really impressed us. Balade En Provence (it means ‘walk in Provence’) are based near Grasse, in the heartland of perfumery, and worked with leading noses to come up with the subtly fruity fragrances. (We loathe most fruit scents, but love these.) And the textures are divine: rich, nourishing, incorporating 20% shea butter – but not in the least sticky, ticking just so many bodycare boxes for us.

They’re also 95% natural – check out the Balade En Provence website for a long list of what they leave out, including colourants, parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol and many more ‘questionable’ ingredients. (We’d rather love to visit the factory, which they tell us is ‘in beautiful countryside, surrounded by a forest of pine trees, near the sea.’

You can indulge your senses via four fruits: Lemon (a brilliant foot-nourisher that Jo loves for nightly slathering), Apple and Pear (both for hands) and a darling little Apricot (for cuticles). As we say, they’re already super-affordable, but they even offer dinky little jars – just like French preserve jars – which are even more of a beauty ‘steal’.

Just the loveliest way to get several of your five-a-day, beauty-wise.

Apricot /£6.90 for 8g – buy here

Pear/£9.90 for 30ml – buy here

Apple/£9.90 for 30ml – buy here

Lemon/£6.90 for 30ml – buy here