Avon Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Cream

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Now this is really rather interesting and confirms our own belief that after a while, skin gets ‘used’ to products. That’s something most experts we speak to have pooh-poohed, in the past – but our own observations have always been that we sometimes need to give our skincare regime a bit of a shake-up, to get back a glow or otherwise see a difference in skin appearance. (We often revert to a favourite later, but meanwhile, have noticed improvements from an occasional ‘jolt’.)

Avon Reversalist Invinite Effects Night Cream taps into this – and is innovative in that it’s dual-ended. You use one anti-ageing product for a week, then switch ends.

First, a word of warning: this isn’t for you if you find retinols too strong for your skin – because Phase 2 features a Super-Retinol complex. Phase 1, meanwhile, is something called a ‘Phyto+ Complex’, designed to replenish and ‘prep’ the skin for the more active, retinol-powered second phase.

We’re not sure if we quite buy Avon’s claim that Reversalist ‘retrains’ the skin, but their tests on 116 women over a whole year found the combo to be more effective than using retinol alone.

And what we would say is: whether or not you decide to give this a go, don’t just go through the motions with your skincare. Without switching all the time – you’ll never see results, if you do that – give your skin a boost with a new product, from time to time. And truly learn to observe any differences, as you look in the mirror.

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