Austin Austin

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Remember the name: Austin Austin.

Now, as beauty talent-spotters go, we’ve got a pretty good track record. (Previous tips for the top? Oh, Liz Earle. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. Sarah Chapman. We could go on…)

So: this Soil Association-certified, affordable bodycare collection comes from a father-daughter duo with pretty impressive credentials. Richard Austin set up one of the UK’s first natural food stores, in the 70s – and not surprisingly, his daughter Bessie Austin grew up steeped in the virtues of a natural and organic lifestyle. (Richard also went on to launch Kingfisher toothpaste, BTW.)

Bessie’s worked in advertising and design – hence the striking, somewhat Jean Cocteau-esque ‘look’ for this range, which has caught the eye of everyone in our office; she commissioned London- and Madrid-based artist Christian Newby for the beautiful line drawings.

It’s what’s inside that we’re loving, though – fab, upliftingly-scented lotions and washes that are effective and gentle-on-skin. We’ve snuck the brilliant, gently-lathering-but-effective Bergamot & Juniper Shampoo into our fave salon – and are frankly loving the washes and lotions.

But our favourite is the glorious Neroli & Petitgrain Body Cream – fast-tracked onto the bedside for late-night slathering with its rich texture and a scent that is quite simply divine.

Like we say: remember the name. (Or should that be names?)

£12-14 –