AromaCure Sprays


If you’re into aromatherapy, then this lovely little brand really ought to be on your radar.

Wendy Hellis, AromaCure’s founder, graduated from at the Tisserand Institute and the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy – so she knows of what she blends…

She makes her remedies in small batches – and since we’re always on the hunt for products to calm, soothe frazzled nerves and nudge us towards deeper, better-quality sleep, two particular blends have caught our eye. (Or perhaps more accurately our nose!).

Silent Night Sleeping Potion blends clary sage, lavender, chamomile and neroli in a sweet almond oil base that’s wonderfully skin-nourishing. We like to massage it into arms, shoulders and chest before bedtime. Just lovely – and definitely helps the wind-down process before zzzzzzs…

Calming Spray is fairly similar – clary sage, neroli, sandalwood and lavender, but in a light coconut oil base. We prefer to keep this near the computer for slathering into exposed skin (gradually there’s a bit more of it on show!), when the frazzle factor gets too much.

AromaCure also specialise in products for eczema-prone skin – definitely worth checking if you’ve an eczema sufferer in the family.

What you mustn’t do (as we did) is spritz them into the air, thinking they’re room sprays or pillow sprays – because they’re most definitely body oils.

That caveat aside? We think you’re going to love them, too.

£19.99 for 100ml – buy here