Chanel Blue Serum Eye

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As New Year’s Resolutions go (and there's still time!), we hope you put looking after your eye zone right up there as a beauty priority.

And this product makes it a joy.

First off, it’s a serum – so it won’t ‘travel’ into the eyes like some rich creams do, triggering puffiness.

Next up: it contains three powerful botanical actives (in a very high-tech whiz-bang formula, being Chanel). First off, Green Coffee PFA – an antioxidant, but also giving skin a bit of an awakening caffeine jolt, we reckon; its anti-puffiness/anti-dark circle action probably owes a lot to this.

Secondly, olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives – that’ll be the moisturising/antioxidant benefit.

Last up, regenerative lentisque resin extract, from Greece.

Put them together and you’ve a product which makes skin look and feel instantly luminous.

And positively invites habitual use…

£57 for 15 ml – buy here