Annee de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend


This, so our therapist friend Annee de Mamiel tells us, is a ‘pressed serum’. What’s that when it’s at home? Well to us, it feels like a light balm – not-too-greasy, yet melting at skin temperature to nourish and soften.

It’s been created for dry, itchy and eczema-prone skin, which Annee has observed is rising, among those who beat a path to her door. (Not that she’s actually got a door since The Sanderson Hotel closed its spa – but we’ll let you know when and where this amazing practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine lands next.) As many as 20% of the population are now affected by eczema – related to stress, pollution and lifestyle factors. 

Specifically soothing ingredients in this pressed serum include five cooling skin-calming oils that are actually blue in colour – meaning that the balm itself is a wonderful dark blue. (Blue cypress, blue tansy, Cape and German chamomiles and yarrow make up this ‘azure blend’, while the nurturing base ingredients include babassu oil, cupuaçu butter, mango butter, malachite and blackseed oils.

They help protect against external stressors in the environment, and work aromatherapeutically on internal stressors such as emotional stress, helping to reduce stress. Indeed, Annee’s advice is to inhale the scent on application. One whiff and honestly, we reckon our blood pressure drops – although yours might rise slightly when you see the price of this, definitely her most costly product yet. 

For really reactive, dry or eczema-prone patches, though, a small amount is all that’s needed to smooth into face or body. (Jo experienced very rapid relief from a troublesome patch of eczema that calmed down after less than a day; she now uses a little dab every few days, which seems – touch wood – to be keeping it at bay.)

Possibly the most ‘luxe’ natural skin balm ever, for sure – and not within everyone’s beauty budget, we know. But glorious, nonetheless.

£95 for 30ml – buy here