Ameliorate Foot Cream

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We are always on the hunt for a great new foot cream – and really, they don’t come any better than this new baby.

Ameliorate is much-loved by sufferers of dry and sensitive skins (we’ve recommended it more times than we can count) – and hot on the heels (as it were) of their hand cream comes this brilliant conqueror of dry foot skin.

For aeons we’ve massaged our feet nightly, after washing them (on advice from a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine who maintains it’s the secret of not getting colds and ’flu. (And you know what? Touching wood just a teensy bit, but we generally escape.)

This is our new go-to: rich but not sticky or greasy, astonishingly softening – to the point where rough, dry skin on heels, in particular, is rapidly consigned to history. (They say use it for 14 days to see a difference; we reckon much less.) They suggest applying a pair of cotton socks over a lavish application, but we promise you’ll see benefits if you prefer naked feet.

Part of the smoothing action’s down to shea butter, partly to glycerine, and partly to a blend of exfoliating AHAs (fruit acids).

Foot-stompingly good stuff.

£15 for 75 ml – buy here