7 Secrets of Wellbeing: BRYT Skincare founder Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer


This gloriously-named mother-of-three is the founder of BRYT skincare: a ‘new generation’ capsule collection of high-performance naturals (it’s short for ‘Bright Young Things’ and deliberately targets teens and young adults, targeting the skin challenges – including acne – which can be so troublesome). In reality, this brightly-packaged collection’s being used by every generation – and here’s how Catkin juggles her start-up business with family…

1. Nothing clears my head quite like exercise. I've been going to the gym for years; it’s like therapy for me - invigorating my mind and body and preparing me for the day ahead. I vary my workouts each day, ensuring those dormant muscle groups get a thorough workout, and if I can't make it to the gym, I'll head out for a run with my dog.

2. I eat a natural, healthy diet. I adore cooking and take pleasure in foraging and using lots of seasonal organic fruit & vegetables and cook wholesome home-made food for my family - often using fresh produce from our garden. 

3. I'm a mother of three so I plan my weeks in advance. Planning ahead is the key to success when it comes to managing a family and a business. I'm often at trade fairs or visiting clients so I need to ensure that the children know exactly what their week is looking like in advance. With three teenagers, there is a lot of driving involved, but I relish my time with them and love to be able to support them at sports events or extra-curricular activities.

4. I am a firm believer in facial massage. Our facial muscles need exercise, just like the rest of our body. I use BRYT Nourish or BRYT Boost serums on my skin morning and night - massaging in a gentle circular motion for at least three minutes to boost circulation and leave my skin glowing and ready to face the world. BRYT Nourish, £16 for 30 ml, is available from selected Waitrose stores, at waitrose.com or at brytskincare.co.uk.

5. I'm a creature of habit. I have small daily rituals that I stick to each day and believe that they help me to stay healthy & focused. From drinking lots of water and exercising to eating well and spending time with my family, it's an all-encompassing approach that helps me create balance in life. It might sound slightly regimented but this also helps spontaineity! If everything else is organised it means I can expect the unexpected and not be too fazed!  

6. I love the calming benefits of yoga & walking. It's been a whirlwind two years for me with no signs of slowing down whatsoever! To help me manage the craziness of life, I turn to yoga to help restore balance into my busy lifestyle. At weekends, we like to walk together as a family, often for hours at a time, with a little foraging en route and a lovely pub lunch at the end of it!

7. I lavish my skin with plant antioxidants. I believe they’re the future of skincare. All of our products contain our signature Advanced Phytoscience System - a unique blend of plant nutrients including rich ‘super antioxidants’ extracted from organic Australian wild plums. Combining the ancient philosophies of plants together with modern science has been a fascinating journey for me...