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If you happened to be sitting in the Beauty Bible office right now, you'd pretty much hear us hyperventilating. Because we are really ridiculously overexcited about this (and we are very grown-up – it doesn't happen often).

Last week we met with the lovely and hilarious and all-round good egg Trinny Woodall (at Soho's Ivy Brasserie), to be taken through her new Trinny London range. And it really is revolutionary. First off: if you've ever been scared about buying make-up shade/s online for the first time, that's all taken care of with her Match2Me tool, which really nails what shade your eyes/hair/skin are (even breaking 'blonde' down into Cool Blonde, Warm Blonde or Dirty Warm Blonde – that was Jo). You get to look at lots of pictures of real women, and go: 'Yup, that's me alright.'


Then comes your prescription. Jo's was completely, 100% spot-on. (Although this woman also knows her stuff; in person, she predicted every single shade that the Match2Her algorithm did, without having to look at it.) 

Cleverly, the products are stackable - so you can take all that you need around with you, wherever you go. Even better: they are 'smooshable' (a word Trinny loves as much as we do), for easy finger-blending and skin compatibility. 

Just a Touch (foundation/concealer). Yup, one product that does both – the idea being you really only use it where you need to, allowing your skin's natural beauty to shine through. 

Then there's Cheekbones. Not Kardashian contouring, here, but a smidgen under the cheekbone, beautifully blended, really does give a perfect, Caravaggio-esque shadow.

The Right Light is Trinny's highlighter. Again, not scary/Kardashian-esque, but adding a whisper of flattering gleam to brow-bone, perhaps upper lip (and by all means try it on cheekbones – which we never normally would for fear of attracting attention to fine lines, but somehow, she's nailed this too).

Bronzer? That's Golden Glow  – again, smooshable. Trinny blends it round the upper forehead and edges of the cheeks and when we do the same, it looks amazing.

And in place of powder, there is Face Finish: a mattifying balm which you touch to areas you don't want to shine.

Then comes colour. The fun bit. (Only of course, with The Trinster, it's all fun.)

Eye2Eye in Wisdom (gotta love ANY product by that name) is – again – really smooshable, in a sort of neutral putty colour that is really flattering. You could basically put this on in the dark. 

For cheeks, Jo got the fab Flush Blush in Wiggs (named after Trinny's sister – most of the products have friends' names), while for lips, she was assigned Lip Glow in glossy, sheer cherry red Tallis

All of this, meanwhile, goes on over a very clever sort-of-primer product called BFF Cream – which we'll leave to Trinny & Co. to explain. 'So many face creams - BB, CC, DD - all so V V confusing. We vowed to create one ultimate skin perfector. Many long nights and formulations later... Best Face Friend, Best Fab Find, Best Freekin’ Face cream ever, was born. Worn alone, or beneath foundation, BFF is the secret to subtly radiant skin.' And it is, dear reader, it is.

What we would say is that none of this is incredibly cheap-cheap – prices start at £18 and go up to £35 for your BFF – but if you don't want to dive right in, you can always build your stack over time. 

And before we sign off what is the l-o-n-g-e-s-t Beauty Bible Loves post in oh, probably forever, we also need to point you in the direction of Trinny's hilarious daily Instagram video, which is literally the light of our lives in the office right now. Everyone deserves a daily Trinny break!

Bottom line? We're stacked. And we're loving it.

£18-35 - buy here

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