Lulu Guinness x Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins


Meet the gorgeous new girls on the block at that much loved and trusted brand Vaseline Intensive Care. Lulu Guinness teamed up with Vaseline to design this enchanting bunch of little beauties, all limited edition.  

Lily Doll Face Hand Cream is our old ‘bestie’, jazzed up by Lulu – just the thing to pop in every handbag and, like the other Dolls, it’s just perfect for stocking pressies. 

There are two Lip Therapy Tins: Violet Doll Face Original Lip Therapy Tin, which is natural coloured, and Poppy Doll Face Tinted Lip Therapy Tin, in sheer red.

They’re available exclusively online at and in stores nationwide.  So get those fingers twinkling because the Lulu Girls are all limited edition – and, like us, we've a hunch you’ll want to scoop up a gang of Poppy, Lily and Violet.

Lulu Guinness x Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins/£2.99, and Lily Doll Face Hand Cream/£3.65 - click to buy