Tip of the Day: 21.03.18

Take B complex vitamins (which are great for energy) in the morning with food when the body is at its peak levels of absorption. According to Paul Chamberlain, Nutrition Director at Solgar, ‘vitamin B can keep you awake so you don't need these energy boosters when you go to sleep.’


Tip of the Day: 20.03.18

Do you pass ‘The Blusher Test’? If you notice it when you’re five paces away from a mirror, you need to blend it more or switch to a more natural shade. It’s meant to enhance your natural colouring, not to announce ‘I’m wearing make-up’.


Tip of the Day: 19.03.18

Suffering from split ends? Switch to a silk pillowcase. According to LA superstylist Jon Atkin, ‘On a physical level, cotton tends to scratch and tug one’s hair and face, whereas silk creates a smooth surface, reducing friction. Your hair slips around as you toss and turn, minimizing split end breakage.’

Tip of the Day: 16.03.2018

The skin on hands and feet is similarly dry and with a tendency to roughness – so products could be thought to be interchangeable. However, while it’s OK to use hand creams on feet, we advise against using foot creams on hands – they often have a minty scent, may deliver a tingly feeling, and can hurt your eyes if you rub them. Meanwhile, if you do use hand cream on your feet, you won’t get any deodorising effect the foot cream may offer.


Tip of the Day: 14.03.2018

Savvy women get their clothes ready the night before, to save stressing over what to wear in the morning. Savvy gym bunnies pack their bag the night before, too – having your gym bag to hand means you’re more likely to work out next day.


Tip of the Day: 09.03.2018

Love this quote from our make-up artist friend Laura Mercier. (And couldn’t agree more.) ‘I loathe rules. When a magazine says, “This season X is dead and it’s all about Y” it’s against my nature to comply, as I have a far too bohemian spirit. I tend to be inspired by what is happening in the world around me.’




Tip of the Day: 08.03.2018

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger and we’ve reached the point where we believe it’s wise to apply a daily SPF. Many make-up products now claim an SPF on the packaging, but don’t rely on this – you’d have to apply so thickly that make-up would be mask-like to take advantage of the full SPF rating. Think of it as a useful little extra bonus, nothing more.




Tip of the Day: 01.03.2018

A simple way to up your intake of selenium and vitamin E: so long as you’re not sensitive to wheat, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of wheatgerm over your breakfast cereal, yoghurt, or whizz it into a fruit smoothie.


Tip of the Day: 28.02.2018

A staggering 78% of us look at our phones in the final hour before bed. That blue light is bad for sleep patterns. (Even the presence of a phone in a bedroom can apparently upset sleep.) Our new tip is to put the phone to bed in a nice box, at around 9 p.m. It’s not guaranteed to stop you looking at it – but the effort required gives pause for thought and is often enough.

Tip of the Day: 27.02.2018

If you have sensitive eyes and are still using cotton wool balls, switch to cotton pads. They shed less fibre. (We like the organic cotton pads from Simply Gentle, which you'll find in good natural food stores.)


Tip of the Day: 22.02.2018

To avoid ingrown hairs after waxing, avoid the use of lotion, oil or soap for 24 hours. These substances can clog pores and trap hair beneath skin's surface. 

Josephine Fairley