Tip of the Day: 27.05.2019

Our friend Annee de Mamiel wants you to buy some red stationery dots. Then, she says, ‘Put a red dot on your wallet, desk, computer, screen – anywhere you’re likely to see it often. Every time you see that red dot, stop what you are doing and take a deep, calming breath. See it as a moment to be still.’


Tip of the Day: 24.05.2019

To get next week off to the best possible start, spend the last 10 minutes of each Friday afternoon planning the next week. In a perfect world, don’t just focus on work but schedule in time for relationships and just for yourself. Those tend to get squeezed when we’re busy.

Tip of the Day: 22.05.2019

There are so many ways to fragrance your home beyond lighting scented candles, which can give off sooty particles (much as we love them…) Spray fragrance into the air and onto bedsheets and curtains (and even cushions). Lightly spray napkins with a fresh Cologne, and seek out scented blooms when you’re buying flowers.

Tip of the Day: 21.05.2019

Depilatories are great for bumpy areas like under arms, the upper lip and bikini lines because they can be gentler on skin than waxing or shaving. But always remove hair at least 24 hours before sun, chlorine and salt water exposure and avoid alpha-hydroxy acid products on skin you’ve removed the hair from, to prevent inflammation.

Tip of the Day: 17.05.2019

The sun’s come out – which immediately triggers cold sores, in some people. Sunlight decreases your immune system’s ability to fight the HSV-1 virus. So wear a sunhat when outdoors and shield lips from sunlight with an SPF30. A lysine supplement can also help prevent breakouts.

Tip of the Day: 16.05.2019

We’re all trying to cut down on packaging. If you’re not vegetarian and you buy meat or fish from a butcher or fishmonger, take along your own airtight food container to carry your purchases home, rather than accepting plastic wrapping and/or carrier bags.

Tip of the Day: 13.05.2019

Fascinated by what makes us happy (or not)? Sign up for Yale University’s The Science of Well-Being course, which is apparently the most popular class in the history of the college, in which Professor Laurie Santos teaches the skills of ‘gratitude, happiness, meditation and savouring.’ coursera.org

Tip of the Day: 10.05.2019

When applying concealer to a blemish, deploy a fine-tipped brush – fingers can introduce bacteria to the area – to fan concealer around the pimple, blur the edges and tap it directly on top. (Be sure to clean the brush very regularly, though.)

Tip of the Day: 09.05.2019

The latest in an occasional series of inspirational quotes, from Linda Rodin, founder of Rodin Olio Lusso (and now an Instagram star, @linkawinks ). ‘Western culture tells women that we become invisible as we age, but now that I’m in my late 60s, I like to think that I’m old and interesting! A positive mindset and paying attention to how I present myself has made all the difference. My hair turned white early, so I embraced it rather than dyed it. I also love tinted glasses and strong lipstick. People say it’s a statement look but I never think of it that way – it just feels like me. I’ve been wearing jeans and sneakers since I was five years old and they still feel good – so why change now?’

Tip of the Day: 08.05.2019

If you like to body brush, switch from a hard-bristled brush to a soft brush at the neckline. This area calls for delicacy. Use a special facial brush (try Alexandra Soveral’s); just 10 seconds of gentle, northward strokes will rid the neck of dry, flaky skin.

Tip of the Day: 07.05.2019

When is the best time to embrace positive habits? New Year’s Day and the start of the school year are well-known, but times of change – such as a new job or moving house – are opportune moments to shape new habits, advises Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies. Smokers who quit at the same time as moving house are often more successful, she says, as they have fewer triggers and associations to hamper them.


Tip of the Day: 02.05.2019

If you wash your hair regularly, it’s fine to use waxes, pomades, shine serums and leave-in conditioners. But if you like to leave longer than a couple of days between washes, use them sparingly (if at all). They can make hair look dull and grubby after a day or two. (Those instant enhancements come at a price.)

Tip of the Day: 01.05.2019

Don’t even think of applying concealer under your eyes without eye cream - but do give the cream a few moments to absorb beforehand. The dryness and thickness of concealer alone can make skin appear more wrinkled than it is.

Tip of the Day: 30.04.2019

Never rub wrists together when applying fragrance. You interfere with the top notes of the fragrance and alter the way it develops on the skin. Waft your wrists around a bit – it’s worth the wait, we promise!