Tip of the Day: 17.08.2018

The heatwave may be behind us – but we're still loving this new trick for applying sunscreen. On the face, hands can give an imperfect application - so use a foundation brush or sponge to apply.' 

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 15.08.2018

Ready for one of the most extraordinary beauty tips you’ve ever read? If all else fails and Joan Collins is short of moisturiser, she apparently spreads her complexion with Lurpak. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!)

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 14.08.2018

If you’ve put your hair up in a ponytail and it’s left an unwanted kink when you’ve taken it out, Errol Douglas recommends running a little serum through hair and sliding hair straighteners over it, concentrating on any ridged areas.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 13.08.2018

We love lip stains. But in this weather, we always apply a coat of lip balm a few minutes before. The effect is more sheer and ‘bitten’ – it doesn’t last quite so long, but it’ll still stay put longer than most lipstick. The sort of make-up that you can apply and forget.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 10.08.2018

If you have an important hospital or doctor’s appointment, take a friend – or at the very least, record the advice you’re given. It’s just too easy to miss or forget important advice – did he say take that pill at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m…? – and the stress of a medical examination or appointment means that you’re actually more likely to forget what you’re told than in normal daily life.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 09.08.2018

As it’s the fig season, we’re loving this: aside from the standard cucumber slice or cool tea bag to soothe puffy eyes, cut a section of a fig – which is high in antioxidants – and lay onto skin.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 08.08.2018

Don’t have ‘layering’ body products to match your fragrance? To avoid scent-clash, use an unscented body lotion as a base and spray your fragrance on top. The lotion will also absorb and prolong the life of the scent.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 07.08.2018

No dry shampoo? At a pinch you can use powder to thicken, clean and add volume to less-than-squeaky-clean hair. Sprinkle with a light-density baby powder, which will absorb any extra oil. Then brush some out again.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 06.08.2018

If you’re worried about running late after a treatment, don’t fidget and check your watch every two minutes. Instead, explain to the hairstylist, manicurist, facialist or masseur in advance that you need to leave at a particular time. Explaining that you’re on a tight schedule enables them to speed up certain parts of a treatment and still get it done. And you won’t just sit there feeling antsy.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 03.08.2018

When using wax strips to remove facial hair, be bold and assertive when removing them. If you’re tentative, you’ll need to pull several times – and that’s irritating to skin.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 02.08.2018

Wear a new-to-you fragrance on holiday – then save it for stressful times to recall the relaxed joy of lying on that beach, or sipping cappuccino in that city…

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 01.08.2018

A potentially pricy tip, but wisdom from actress Kate Hudson: she likes to use whichever anti-ageing cream she’s using on her face, on the backs of her hands. (Which show up ageing super-fast.)

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 30.07.2018

Are you a runner? If you get a stitch while exercising, stop and push your fingers into your belly just below your ribs on the right-hand side. At the same time, blow out as hard as you can through pursed lips. Doing this releases pressure on your diaphragm and should stop the pain so you can be off and running again.

Tip of the Day: 26.07.2018

For an at-home dandruff treatment, massage your scalp while shampooing, then towel-dry and comb hair to loosen and remove flakes. Apply a mixture of a spoonful each of apple cider vinegar, vodka and warm water, plus a drop of tea tree to the scalp. Don't rinse out, and sleep on it. Style as usual in the morning.