Tip of the Day: 19.07.2019

Lighten the load by being honest with yourself about the make-up products you touch up during the day, rather than lugging a whole kit around with you. Lipstick? Probably. (Although a tinted lip balm may do double-duty here, moisturising and adding sheer colour in one.) Blusher? Don't bother carrying blush with you; buy a retractable make-up brush, sweep it in blusher in the morning before you leave the house and use that for touching up. Ditto powder, if you like to defy shine. Your back will thank you for your make-up reality check...

Tip of the Day: 18.07.2019

Not a tip but a quote. And can we say how much we love Cara Delevingne for this...? 'I think beauty is generally moving towards a more inclusive place. Everyone should have the right to feel beautiful and no one should ever be made to feel ugly. Ugly people are the ones that use hate – it's nothing to do with what you look like in my opinion. We all desire to change things about ourselves but when we realise that we don't need to change anything, we are enough... That's what I want beauty to feel like.'

Tip of the Day: 17.07.2019

Tanning guru James Read recommends: 'Before you apply tan, rub an ice cube over your face to minimise pores. Then pat dry with a tissue. You should also apply a small amount of moisturiser over any spots of blemishes, so the tan does not cling to these areas.'

Tip of the Day: 15.07.2019

If you're experiencing make-up meltdown, switch to an oil-free moisturiser for the summer months – ideally with an SPF. Your skin's almost certainly producing plenty of oil of its own accord in the hot weather.

Tip of the Day: 12.07.2019

Do you have an ingrown toenail? Wear shoes with plenty of toe room and trim toenails straight across. To ward off infection and soothe pain, try soaking your toe in a solution of one part tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil or grapefruit seed extract and five parts water, two to three times a day. And the homeopathic remedy Silicea can also strengthen the nail, encouraging it to grow straight.

Tip of the Day: 10.07.2019

Work out regularly? Still look saggy in t-shirts? Bras, like shoes, wear out after a while and need replacing. If you find yourself adjusting the straps throughout the day and during a workout, the cups or straps have stretched. If your underwire chafes or rubs or your breasts start sliding out of the bottom of your bra, that’s time to get refitted, too. And bodies change – from exercise, pregnancy or gaining or losing weight. Get refitted and try new styles twice a year.

Josephine Fairley
Tip of the Day: 09.07.2019

Loofahs are a great way to exfoliate skin – but how often do they need to be replaced? Ideally, you should throw out your loofah (they can also be composted brilliantly) every couple of months due to the build-up of bacteria from dead skin cells (bacteria can potentially travel from loofah to skin, infecting hair follicles). Alternatively, combat bacteria growth by soaking in a 10% bleach solution once a week. But be sure to rinse it very well indeed before using again.

Tip of the Day: 08.07.2019

Facials on the floor of a department store (even if in a little room or behind a curtain) can be great, so long as you keep your expectations realistic. Consider them as an introduction to products, rather than as a potentially relaxing experience. You’ll really only get that in a salon.

Tip of the Day: 05.07.2019

If you don't have time to allow moisturiser to sink in for 10 minutes before applying make-up, blot your face with a tissue. Applying too soon – especially in hot weather – is a recipe for a fast-disappearing 'face'.  

Tip of the Day: 04.07.2019

Between manicures, give your nails an oil bath. Soak fingertips in warm coconut, olive or vitamin E oil and massage for around 15 minutes before bedtime. (Great while watching your favourite TV show!) Allow to sink in overnight. (Cotton gloves definitely not obligatory at this time of year.)  

Tip of the Day: 03.07.2019

To lower your temperature after a hot day, take a cool bath or shower. Adding a few drops of rose, sandalwood or fennel essential oil to cool bathwater can also help tackle the overabundance of pitta that accumulates in the body during a long, hot day.  

Tip of the Day: 02.07.2019

A little in-flight wisdom we heard from a former flight attendant: she advises wiping tray tables with antibacterial wipes ('they're rarely cleaned'), and travel with your own pillow or pashmina/blanket. Her observation on airline issue pillows and blankets is: 'They're only washed when they look dirty.'  

Tip of the Day: 01.07.2019

We love the way that rollerballs work to make eye products more effective, helping to get rid of puffiness by physically moving the retained water or blood from around the eyes, while ‘pressing’ the de-puffing ingredients into skin. But we also love this tip – to keep rollerballs in the fridge between use, since the cold makes them super-soothing.

Tip of the Day: 28.06.2019

We love the timeless wisdom of our make-up artist friend Trish McEvoy, who suggests spending five minutes on our faces each morning. ‘Taking that time in the morning, without distractions, can change your mindset for the rest of the day. There’s not one size, or look, that fits all. Instead, look at yourself objectively and decide where you need to enhance your features. Don’t be critical; be positive. Everyone is born with their face; you own yours, so enjoy it.’

Tip of the Day: 27.06.2019

If you're prone to broken veins, think less about camouflage and more about cutting down your alcohol intake or curry consumption. Facialist Eve Lom long ago told us that 'drinking and eating spicy foods are key factors in broken capillaries.'  

Tip of the Day: 25.06.2019

Two potent places for applying perfume that you may not have considered: the oil on the scalp helps grab and hold onto fragrance, while the warmth of your palms encourages fragrance to expand so you can enjoy fragrant wafts whenever you touch anything. (The one caveat: beware of wearing perfume on your scalp in the sun.)  

Tip of the Day: 24.06.2019

Hairdresser Josh Wood advises taking advantage of long-haul flights to give your hair a deep treatment. 'When else are you going to spend 10 hours sitting still?', he asks. Apply before you go through security and leave in until you arrive. Ideally, book yourself a blow-dry at your hotel or a spa as soon as you arrive. (We certainly do – and then swim like Loch Ness Monsters for the duration of the holiday!)