Tip of the Day: 15.06.2018

Feeling frazzled? When your mind’s frantic, breathing becomes shallower. Move into longer, calming breaths by breathing out and placing one hand on your stomach, the other over your heart. Allow the stomach to rise with each breath to relax the nervous system, take slower breaths than you usually do, and draw out each exhalation. A couple of minutes of this can be transformative.

Tip of the Day: 08.06.2018

If you get a reaction to an 'active' anti-ageing cream, cease and desist. Red, itchy patches, flaking, broken blood vessels, lumps and bumps – these are a sign that damage is being done, rather than improvements being made. Most anti-ageing creams will have been tested for years before they're put on the market, tested on humans – but there will always be people who react. Soreness, burning and irritation aren't a sign that 'something's happening' – they're a sign you need to stop using it.

Tip of the Day: 05.06.2018

If you’ve booked a spa treatment, get there early. It gives you time to relax before your session, and avoids a frenzied rush feeling. If you have to set your phone alarm to nudge you to leave in good time – well, that’s just a darned good idea.

Tip of the Day: 30.05.2018

This is peak blister season, as our feet adjust to wearing quite different shoes (and without a protective layer or tights or socks). Shake some talc or cornstarch into your shoes, to help keep feet dry. We also like to change our shoes more often than usual, right now – rather than wearing the same pair all day, which can lead to friction.

Tip of the Day: 29.05.2018

Soap is having a moment. It’s one of beauty’s simplest products – but some soaps, we’ve found, can turn to moosh quite quickly. Our solution is to dry the soap on a towel, when we dry our hands. Keeps it firm, so it lasts longer.

Tip of the Day: 28.05.2018

If your bath oil seems to do more for your tub than your skin, try a new approach. We like Aromatherapy Associates’ technique: massage the oil directly into the body, so the softening agents are right where you want them. Once you’re in the water, the warmth will help them penetrate.

Tip of the Day: 25.05.2018

Do you regularly wake up in the night? The liver is most active between 1 a.m. and 3 p.m., and this might be a sign that your liver could use some extra help. Try supplementing with milk thistle, taken in the morning. And if you find yourself wide awake between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.? (And you’re not a ‘lark’?) This is when the large intestines are most active; you might want to supplement with pre- and probiotics.

Tip of the Day: 24.05.2018

When traversing a department store, never miss the opportunity to ask beauty consultants to demo a new make-up launch on you that you’ve read about (maybe here!) Our experience is that they’re always more than happy, especially during quiet hours. (We’d never shop for make-up – or indeed anything, in a department store – at lunchtime or after work – if we have a choice.)

Tip of the Day: 22.05.2018

Sensitive skin? Start checking ingredients lists on cleansers, avoiding sulfates and parabens (which can irritate some skins), and seeking out ‘buffered’, complexion-friendly formulations featuring glycerine (to maintain skin’s natural moisture balance, along with strengthening ceramides or panthenol.

Tip of the Day: 21.05.2018

‘Squoval’ (square with rounded corners) generally complements most hands – but if you’ve shorter fingers, this can be more flattering, creating the illusion of long nail beds and longer fingers.