Q. A little while back I read on your website about a powder supplement that one of you took for energy in the morning in either fruit juice or water.  I have been looking on the Victoria Health website but can’t seem to find it. Could you give me the name of it please or a link to buy it?
A. It’s called Fruitein Exotic Red Fruit by Natures Plus and the jar contains about 20 servings.  Sarah mixes a scoop with natural live yogurt, a measure of Goji juice, and tops up with organic fruit juice, usually local apple juice.  It’s delicious, simple and keeps her going for a good couple of hours while she treks through the mud to feed and check horses…

Fruitein Exotic Red Fruit by Natures Plus, £24.50 for 612 grams at www.victoriahealth.com - buy here (and of course you get a 5% discount deducted at the checkout)


Q. In The Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine a while back, Sarah mentioned a supplement that gave you energy and was also anti-ageing.  I lost the info and wondered if you could let me have the name of the supplement and info on how to order?

A. Sarah has often mentioned the wonderful AgeLoss, formulated in America where they know a thing or three about turning the clock back, and which contains well-researched nutrients including a particular antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD for short) which has a vital role in preventing physical ageing.  She’s on record as saying: ‘I started off sceptical but AgeLoss truly seems to give me that extra perk overall and – paradoxically – makes me feel grounded and steady – as if all the cogs are moving smoothly. And my thin skin, prone to look on the haggard side, looks a shade thicker and plumper.’ As with many supplements, we recommend taking it for three months and then having a month off.

AgeLoss by Natures Plus, £27.70 at www.victoriahealth.com - buy here (and don’t forget you receive an exclusive 5% discount at the checkout)