Q.I seem to remember you recommending a new, gentle range of beauty products for young girls (pre-teen). My niece is already worried about her skin at the age of nine! However, she probably does have a good reason for concern as she has been brought up in Malaysia, Dubai & now is living in Turkey – so obviously a good SPF is going to be essential. Can you recommend a range? Her birthday is in a couple of weeks & it struck me that a set of basis skin care items + sunblock would be an ideal present…
A.We do actually think that nine is a bit young to be introduced to skincare – at that age, a swipe with a flannel is all that’s needed, and we’re against overloading and possibly unbalancing such young skin.  But yes, a good SPF is wise:  we would recommend something that’s based on reflective minerals, rather than chemical sunscreens, such as Liz Earle Naturally Mineral Sun Cream. If you really do want her to start on a skincare programme, there are a few ranges we would suggest, all of which are very natural and very gentle:  the excellent Elizabeth’s Daughter Starter Set features four products, including a Daily Moisturiser with an SPF15

Liz Earle Naturally Mineral Sun Cream, £19.25 for 150 ml at www.johnlewis.com; buy here

Elizabeth’s Daughter Starter Set, £20 at www.elizabethsdaughter.co.uk; buy here