Q.I am confused about what type of cleansers/make up removers I need to be using. Does a foaming facial wash remove make-up or do I need to use a make-up remover before washing my face? I like the feeling of cleansing using water rather than a wipe-away cleanser, but many of the products I see remove ‘traces of make up’ so not the entire face full of make up?
A.In our opinion, a good cleanser should remove every last trace of make-up, with the exception of eye make-up, in one step.  (Though some also remove eye make-up, too.)  Speaking personally, we have always found that facial washes tend not to be so ‘make-up melting’ as creams, balms or liquids, and you’ll definitely want to use a specific eye make-up remover as foam and eyes definitely don’t comfortably mix.  In general our testers agree and we’ve never really had high-rated washes, out of hundreds trialled in the Tried & Tested Cleansers category. However, you might want to check out this facial wash-style cleanser from our book Beauty Bible Beauty Steals, which impressed our testers (whose comments you can read below):

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash Mask. We’ve never before encountered a cleanser which can double as a mask, but that’s just what this promises:  use daily as a refreshing wash, or leave on to deep cleanse pores.

Comments: ‘Removed make-up easily, but you need an eye make-up remover too’ •  ‘as good as my more expensive cleanser’ • ‘good creamy texture that spread easily’ • ‘a little goes a long way, so cost effective; gives a fantastic deep cleanse – skin feels superbly soft’.  As you’ll see, even they commented that you need an eye make-up remover, too.  So you might want to click here for a full listing of the Tried & Tested Cleansers which our testers recommend most highly.  And contemplate switching to something which doesn’t foam…

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Q.I would like to know which organic face cleansing balm would you recommend from the following two: Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Balm, or AD Skin Synergy Cleansing Balm. I have a dry skin type, and I’m looking for something with decongesting ingredients as well as hydrating.

A.They’re both terrific all-natural choices – but if pushed we would suggest the AD Skin Synergy Cleansing Balm if you’re after decongesting properties, as it contains essential oils of palmarosa and Roman chamomile, as well as frankincense, neroli and jasmine.  For us, the rose-rich Wild Rose Balm works better as an all-purpose balm rather than a cleanser, and made it into The Green Beauty Bible in that multi-tasking category, with a score of 7.85/10.  Find it on-line here.

AD Skin Synergy Cleansing Balm, £27.45 for 50 ml at www.victoriahealth.com; buy here (NB you’ll also get an exclusive 5% discount, deducted at the checkout)

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Q.I have sensitive, very dry skin and am really careful in the sun. I have tried Liz Earle recently but can’t get on with the water/rinsing cloth.  Can you recommend a really good organic cleanser?  My face just doesn’t react well to water. Please help! I am 60 so price is not really an issue but I live in the back of beyond, shops-wise, so online is better.

A.Well, this is going to be a short list – because we have just one product that we’d recommend above all others:  Trilogy Sensitive Cleansing Cream, from a range which Sarah is currently hugely impressed by.  You can certainly use cotton wool to remove this, if you prefer not to splash with water.  Nurturing camellia oil and chamomile have been chosen for their non-sensitising and soothing action, with pure plant oils to protect the weakened barrier of sensitised skin.  Alternatively, Soil Association-certified Essential Care Creamy Coconut Cleanser, can be removed with damp cotton wool pads, and has scored well with our Beauty Bible panellists.

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