Q. I wake up in the morning with deep wrinkles on my décolleté/chest area.  I have a hunch that these will soon become permanent!  So:  do you know of any night time bra to keep things in place to stop this happening and also a cream to treat the area?
A. In general, it’s not a good idea to wear constrictive clothing (such as a bra) at night, so that blood flows freely around the body at this most reparative time.  Certainly, forget anything with wires, and if you can see any dents or marks from your bra when you take it off, that means it’s too constricting to wear at night.  There are, though, a few bras which might do the trick and are worth checking out, including BoPeeps, a range of stretchy nylon and Spandex lingerie which you can find on-line at www.bopeeps.com if you click here; the French Knicker and Bralette is priced £30.  Aternatively, good old M & S make some t-shirts/vests with extra support build into the chest area;  you might find these do the trick.

•   French Knicker set, £30 at www.bopeeps.com - buy here