Q. I read awhile back that Sarah was going to start using Logona to keep the greys at bay.  Have you tried it yet?  If so, how was it; did you use the powder form, and which tint?  Did you do it yourself and then have highlights?
A. She absolutely was – and will – and hasn’t yet!  As she explains:  ‘That’s mainly because my colourist at John Frieda hasn’t worked out how best to use them himself – and I have to confess that vanity means I bow to his advice.  I will give him another nudge and write it up as soon as we have worked on it.  Meanwhile, I take a deep breath and have my tint done every two months or so – to help stop any possible side effects I do recommend Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton’s “recipe”:  ‘Take an extra 1 g of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E and 3 g of psyllium husks about half an hour before your appointment, plus another 500 mg of vitamin C as soon as possible after.  The scalp acts very much like a sponge when liquids are put directly on it.‘  These supplements work to protect our body from any chemicals which may sneak in,’ she told us in The 21st Century Beauty Bible.


Q. Can you advise me on where to start with organic hair dyes as I have become allergic to the standard over the counter products.

A. Bad luck – but if it’s any consolation, the problem’s commoner than you’d think.  The permanent (and many semi-permanent) dark ones – even the ‘natural’ ones – invariably have ingredients called PPDs (Paraphenylenediamine), which has been linked to dermatitis in the upper eyelids, redenning and swelling of the scalp and face, contact urticaria – and, in extreme cases, anaphylaxis.  If you’re using a colour that lightens your hair, you may be allergic to ammonia/resorcinol – and again, many hair-lightening dyes feature one or both.  Our friend John Masters, in the States, has been working on natural haircolour for a while – but as yet, we haven’t seen his creations.  But we have recently heard of a range from the States called Palette by Nature, which also seems to be known as Act by Nature, and is 100% natural and claims to be free of all the synthetic chemicals which are known allergens and suspected carcinogens.  It’s said to give a good covering of grey hair, and to last 4-6 weeks (obviously depending on how often you wash it).  As yet, we don’t know anyone who’s tried them – so do let us know how you get on?  For optimum colour maintenance, Palette by Nature also recommend using their ‘cleansing gel’ and conditioner, too -  but what’s interesting is that by using the mixing guide on Suvarna’s site, you can ‘custom-create’ a colour. VERY IMPORTANT:  we’d still recommend a patch test before using.

Palette by Nature Colours, £22.95 at www.survana.co.uk – buy here