Q. I use a ‘detox’ product on my hair called Hairfix before I shampoo and condition it once a week (using products from the same brand). Even though I am very pleased with the results are there any other brands out there that do the same thing?
A. First off:  we always say, if it ain’t broke, you don’t necessarily have to fix it.  A great product is a great product is a great product – and just because something newer and seemingly more ‘whizz-bang’ comes along, if you’re happy with a product, there is really no imperative to change.  BUT having said that, we get bored sometimes, too…!  So:  one product we’d like to tell you about is Louise Galvin Vitox:  a two-part system which you mix together (it all foams up rather excitingly), and apply to hair, to remove product build-up and ‘detox’ hair, as you say.  (NB  If you click on the link below, don’t be confused by the video – which is about a hair colour remover product, rather than Vitox!)

 Louise Galvin Vitox, from £25 at www.louisegalvin.com – buy here