Q. I have no sense of smell whatsoever and need to know what to buy in terms of candles, room fragrances, bath oils etc.  I want something light and floral.  I’ve read info on Jo Malone’s Lime Blossom;  can you recommend anything else?  I’m a ‘young-ish’ 53.
A. Oh, gosh, a tough one.  We suggest that if you really can’t smell, you work your way through a ‘selection pack’ of NEOM’s bath oils, and ask those you share a home with what they think.  Then you can invest in the larger size.  We’re certainly HUGE fans of NEOM’s candles:  without exception, we love the lot.  They’re all-natural and scented with divine aromatherapy blends – can’t go wrong, really, though we especially love Tranquility (English lavender with sweet basil and jasmine), and Moroccan blush rose Complete Bliss. (But as you don’t have a sense of smell, do be extra-cautious about leaving lit candles in an unattended room, as you may not be alerted in the unlikely event that they catch anything alight.)  And yes, as a PS:  that Jo Malone fragrance is divine,

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