Q. I’d love to buy some books on fragrance – what do you suggest?
A. You’ll find these on our bookshelves – hope you enjoy…

•  Essence and Alchemy by Mandy Aftel

•  The Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove

•  Perfumes:  The A-Z Guide by Tania Sanchez and Luca Turin

•  Le Snob: Perfume, by Dariush Alavi

•  Quintessentially Perfume by Nathalie Grainger

They’re all available via Amazon, FYI.  Can we also recommend that you check out some of the fantastic blogs on-line relating to fragrance?  For instance, www.katiepuckriksmells.com, Persolaise (at www.persolaise.blogspot.com), and Now Smell This, as well as Jo’s own fragrance blog, The Scent Critic, at www.thescentcritic.com.