Q. Can you tell me if Botox can be used directly under the eyes? A number of girly friends have discussed this and nobody seems to know for sure.
A. Consultant dermatologist Dr Nicholas Lowe of The Cranley Clinic in London says: “Botox can be very useful for under-eye lines and crows feet, also at sides and under brows, but in the right patient only”. Dr Lowe sometimes combines it with light laser resurfacing. However, like Dr Antony Chu of Hammersmith Hospital, he emphasises that the safety recommendation is to go to an expert rather than one of the many clinics that advertise, and may not employ fully trained staff. Choose a consultant dermatologist or consultant plastic surgeon, with an interest in aesthetics. (The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors is a good starting point:
www.cosmetic-doctors.co.uk). However, we think that laughter lines around the eyes are to be celebrated, rather than removed – though you may want to use a dedicated eye cream, such as that by Laveré, which we both like a lot.  We would never ourselves have Botox – we just don’t believe in interfering with nature – but we can’t make up your mind for you. Jo’s written a whole book on these kind of cosmetic procedures, called Beauty Fixes: Fast and Effective Treatments That Won’t Ruin Your Day, published by Vermilion and although it’s out-of-print copies are still available through amazon.co.uk.  It looks at many treatment options arms you with all the right questions to ask to maximise your chances of a successful experience, if you do decide to go ahead

Beauty Fixes: Fast and Effective Treatments That Won’t Ruin Your Day – find it on-line here