Yves Rocher Peau Parfaite Sublime skin BB cream 6 in 1

We’ve always loved double duty beauty products – lipsticks you could use for blushers, for instance – but when BB creams came in, we were a bit less than excited.  To be honest, it just sounded like another bit of marketing hype. And in a way, it was/is!  BB creams are mostly just another name for the best tinted moisturisers.  But whatever the brands choose to call them, some are truly great additions to our make-up bags.

Sarah is having a small rave about Yves Rocher Peau Parfaite (the name goes on and on…and on), which claims to be a truly multi-purpose product that gives you 24-hour moisturising, evens out skin tone, hides imperfections and signs of fatigue, smooths skin, amplifies radiance and protects against external aggressions (that’s down to the white tea, a potent antioxidant).

Does it perform?  In short, yes.  It makes your complexion look soft and dewy, certainly evens out skin tone, and camouflages small blemishes and pigmentation (you might need a whisper of concealer as well, depending on how good your skin is).

It’s a great everyday, lightweight, between-seasons skin enhancer.

BB?  Stands for Bloody Brilliant, in this case.

UK readers find Yves Rocher Peau Parfaite Sublime Skin 6 in 1 BB Cream/£18 for 50 ml at www.yves-rocher.co.uk - buy here