You can't beat a retreat...

… Especially if it's run by our dynamic, inspiring friend Lynne Franks:  former PR, founder of the B.Hive chain of women's networking spaces, and now running a series of inspiring events at her home in Majorca which have already been voted into the 'Top 50 Retreats for 2014. On a hillside in Deia - one of the island's most magical places - Lynne's retreats take place in a former monastery with a very special 'vibe', among ancient Moorish terraces, olive trees, and a citrus grove.  There is something for every woman:  Yoga & Ayurvedic Cooking, Fitness, Detox & Wellness, Women's Creative Leadership (aptly led by Lynne herself) - or maybe tap into your Inner Artist…  The course leaders (including Lynne, of course) are leaders in their field.  But there's plenty of time to relax, recharge and explore the island - either in the company of your fellow guests, or solo.

There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in the main house, together with two separate casitas (and yes, single and twin accommodation is available).

As Lynne says, 'Deia is the perfect location for a BLOOM break to nourish your senses, empower your dreams and create your future.'  So:  will you 'bloom', in 2014…?  We'd like to think so.