Yoganda Wellness Oils


These Yogandha Wellness Oils body oils come with a little mantra on the side of the box. In the case of Relax, which we've smoothed into our skin in preparation for composing this review, it is: 'Pratistham dhehi' – or 'I may I rest in nourishment', a sentiment we can certainly warm to. Just as we've warmed to these oils. From a small, start-up natural brand founded by an Irish yoga teacher, Sinead Duffy, who took three years of meditation to devise the blends, the three multi-tasking oils form the cornerstone of the collection. In a base of sweet almond and sesame oil (which makes them rich but not sticky), each is infused with a mood-shifting blend – and we like all of them.

Relax – great before bedtime,  NB – offers lavender, blue chamomile, frankincense, petitgrain and clary sage. Detox (great all over but especially targeted at lumpy, bumpy bits) is naturally fragranced with essential oils of lemongrass, sweet fennel and juniper, while the Muscle Soothe eases and warms after gardening or (Sarah) horse-mucking-out, with ginger, sweet marjoram, cedarwood and lavender.

They're great for bodies, can be used on hair and scalp (you'll need to shampoo afterwards), while working to shift your mood.

At the moment there's no UK mainland stockists, so prices are in euros (and accordingly slightly more ouch-y than they used to be). But lovely blends, created with beautiful intention – perfect for moments of stillness in our crazy-busy days.

Just repeat after us:  'Pratistham dhehi'...

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