Yes to Coconut Dry Skin Head-to-Toe Hydrating Balm


Rough bits. Sore bits. Dry bits. Story of life right now, isn’t it? (We love the way heating and woodfires keep us toasty-warm, but we don’t love what they do for our skin.)

Yes to Carrots is a brand that’s done amazingly well over the years with our testers who are in search of a ‘beauty steal’ (even if it does have one of the daftest names on Planet Gorgeous).

Yes to Cucumbers and Yes to Blueberries followed – and now they’ve launched Yes to Coconut which is – as it sounds – packed with coconut oil, in user-friendly formulations. (Not everyone loves scooping coconut oil straight from a jar.)

Two products have particularly impressed us. First up, Yes to Coconut Ultra Light Body Lotion Spray, which is priced £11.99 for 295 ml. Can we just say how life-changing a body spray is? Spritz, rub, good-to-go. That’s it.

And – coming into its own for those aforementioned rough bits – the Head-to-Toe Hydrating Balm, a rich, smoothing multi-tasker which smells lightly and deliciously of coconut, and really does what it says on the, um, tin: smooths and nourishes from head to toe. It’s just – just – handbag-sized, though we wish they’d make a teeny one for carrying around.

We think – like us - you’ll be properly nuts about this range.

Yes to Coconut Head-to-Toe Hydrating Balm/£13.99 for 85g at