Yardley English Dahlia Moisturising Fragrance Mist


We have dahlias in our gardens right now – though ours, while OTT blowsy and brightly-coloured, are pretty scent-less. But let's not nit-pick here: if dahlias had a scent, we definitely wish it would be like this. In point of fact, when it launched, English Dahlia became one of our favourite Yardley scents – a really lovely, green Chypre with floral flourishes.

And this is a lovely new way to wear it – joining an existing line-up of English Lavender, English Rose, April Violets, Lily of the Valley and English Bluebell (and there's a Freesia Moisturising Fragrance Mist launching at the same time).

While subtler than an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette, what we find with these body mists is that because of the 'moisturising' bit – from sweet almond oil, alongside vitamin E – they last really well on the skin. Fragrance loves to have oil to cling to – and while not greasy at all, these 97% natural sprays, which are dispensed via an ultra-fine mist, have great staying power.

We're tempted to spray our dahlias with this. Then they'd be perfect.

Yardley English Dahlia Moisturising Fragrance Mist/£6 at yardley.co.uk