Would you tweet for a fragrance?

We're on Twitter.  We Facebook.  Jo's ridiculously keen Instagram. We even have Pinterest boards! And no question:  social media has become incredibly important. (Noticed how hard it is to navigate a typical high street, nowadays, dodging shoppers who are tapping on their phones while walking along...?) But Marc Jacobs's pop-up shop in New York - to coincide with New York Fashion Week - takes things to a whole new level.  Because you can't actually buy stuff;  instead of using cards or cash to get your hands on fragrance and beauty and fashion items, transactions will be entirely based on a customer's use of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (the hashtag's #MJDaisyChain, if you want to keep an eye on this).

We're not quite sure what the tweet rate to the dollar is, yet - but it's a fascinating idea. (And will no doubt spawn a gazillion me-toos:  that's how marketing seems to work.)

The Tweet Shop (it's at 462 West Broadway, in SoHo) will have a comfy lounge, drinks and free Wi-Fi, as well as a Daisy Beauty Bar, a photobooth and in-house DJ.

We suspect it'll be followed by countless me-toos, so congrats to Marc Jacobs for being first with a whole new beauty currency...