This Works Supersized Sleep Solutions

We just love it when products that we power through are launched in bigger bottles. And since our night-time arsenal comprises pretty much everything in the This Works Sleep Solutions range, we'll be feng shui-ing the bedside table (and the bath-side shelf) to make room for more generous sizes of some truly amazing, zzzz-inducing products. Take it from us (and from just about anyone we've ever gifted this extraordinary, clinically-proven range to): the blend of chamomile, vetiver and lavender really, really does work.

So: just in time for the duvet season and the clocks going back (*sob*) come ultra-generous versions of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, Deep Sleep Shower Gel and Deep Sleep Bath Soak (plus Super Sleep, a clever two-in-one pillow spray gizmo containing both Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus pillow sprays).

There's also now a three-wick Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle.

Bedsocks to the fore, dear readers...

This Works Supersized Sleep Solutions/from £21-80 at