This Works Scent Well Diffuser and Deep Sleep Super Blend


Thunk. That's the sound of an aromatherapeutic cosh – which, basically, this is. It's a plug-in diffuser that charges from a USB, and heats up a little well of aromatherapy oil set into the top, which then wafts away in the background. In this case, This Works famously sleep-inducing Deep Sleep Super Blend, with its notes of vetiver, chamomile and lavender.

Regular readers will know we're massive fans of the This Works Deep Sleep range – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Sleep Plus Pillow Spray and the Deep Sleep Bath Oil. The whole range features in our anti-insomnia arsenal – which makes for a crowded bedside table, but for very good kip.

This diffuser even helped Jo to snooze through the recent 'supermoon' (and she's very sensitive to lunar cycles). We think it'd make an amazing present for a friend who has sleep challenges.

Because there is literally no gift to rival a good night's sleep.

This Works Scent Well Diffuser/£55 and Deep Sleep Super Blend/£18 for 10 ml at