This Works Calm to Go Kit


Oh, my word: we’re slipping one of these in everyone’s Christmas stocking – though we’re frankly tempted to hand them over right now, as the seasonal pressure mounts. (Is it just us or does the To Do list grow longer every year…?) It’s is a little portable rollerball of This Works’s brilliant Deep Sleep Stress Less aromatherapy treatment. Technically, the bottle’s designed to glide onto pulse-points via the metal ball – but we like to apply to palms, rub together, cup hands over the nose and breathe, breathe, breathe.

Ignore the fact it says ‘Deep Sleep’; this eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender blend is brilliant for banishing stress at any time of day (or night).

What’s so utterly brilliant here, though, is that it comes with a chic little white keyring attachment – so it’s always to hand for stress SOS-es.

Meltdowns duly averted.

This Works Calm to Go Kit/£8 at