Windle & Moodie Cream Sheen


The central heating's on. And we can almost hear the moisture been sapped from our hair, atom by atom... So this is a fab multi-tasker for hair: a styling cream with some very light oils that nourish and protect, putting back what the radiators and convector heaters are taking out.

From the brand created by a highly-respected Covent Garden salon of the same name (much-loved by models, BTW), Cream Sheen can be used on dry or wet hair that you're going to leave to dry naturally. It's just brilliant for shaping and defining - adding plenty of sheen and shine, at the same time. (Jo's been using it to 'reshape' hair a few days after a blow-dry.)

And if there did happen to be any sun around at the moment, this actually features a UV filter - making this a great year-round find, actually...

Windle & Moodie Cream Sheen/£15 at