Wild Planet Wild Rose Geranium Hand Wash

It's the truly gorgeous aromatherapeutic smells that have us hooked on Wild Planet.  The founder of this natural and organic bath/body/fragrance line, Eileen Holford - based in Kent - clearly has a talent for creating fragrances that puts her up with the best in the business. First we were seduced by this gentle, moisturising Wild Rose Geranium Hand Wash, left. (Big fans of rose geranium, us.)  Just like rubbing the plant's leaves between your fingers.

Then we lit the Vintage Rose Candle and got really quite excited:  the divine scent of burying your nose in a dewy tea rose, with powerful, deep undertones of patchouli.

And when she began using the sumptuous 100% Organic Rose & Jojoba Shea Butter on her hands and feet last thing at night, wasfting off to sleep with nostrilsful of rosiness, Jo felt she'd made a real discovery.  (Even if she later found out that it's meant for thirsty faces, as an intensive overnight treatment...!)

But we say:  follow your nose to Wild Planet.  And your senses are in for a real treat...

UK readers find Wild Planet/£8.95-19.95 at www.wildplanetproducts.com - click here