Why we only tell you what we love...

There's been debate in the beauty community recently about why 'dissing' products is useful for readers.  At Beauty Bible, we completely disagree.  There's lots of product out there that doesn't come up to scratch.  (And funnily enough?  It's much easier to write 'knocking' copy.) What we do is 'edit'.  We come from the school of journalism where space is precious, so don't waste it talking about stuff that doesn't work, and essentially wasting precious minutes of a reader's life, reading it!

After literally decades in the beauty business, we know how to spot a winner.  Plus (uniquely) we have had over 18,000 women test products for our Beauty Bible Awards, over the years (which appear in our books - see box top right).  It's the biggest-ever independent consumer trial of beauty products in the world.

So:  we know what real women love.  We know what has value, with our overview of the industry.  And we know what we love, after trying literally thousands of products ourselves.

And that's what we love telling you about.  End.  Of.  (For more on our philosophy, do see OUR MANIFESTO within ABOUT US, on the top banner.)

Lots of love (!)