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Sarah loves… A life-enhancing documentary about fabulous women, a range of colour correcting primers, the creamiest lippie ever, a silky scented sleep mask, plus a multi-tasking beauty supplement

Fabulous Fashionistas

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Everyone told me about it but I didn't catch up with this truly inspiring C4 documentary until just recently.  After a nudge from Grace Fodor, co-founder of the amazing new Studio 10 make-up range for over-35s, I sat up in bed watching it on my iPad via Channel 4's catch-up service 4-D, here.  I revelled in the extraordinary joie de vivre from the participants including dancer and choreographer Gillian Lynne, 87 and still working, Baroness Trumpington, 91 and the matriarch of the House of Lords whose hobby is catalogue shopping, Jean, 76-ish working in a boutique and running three times a week, supermodel Daphne who has more work than ever, and Bridget who shops in Oxfam and is a feminist activist.  Oh and Sue, formerly a low fat cook and now an artist whose idea is to put zany glorious colour in her life and ours.  It should be on the NHS but you can simply watch it for free!

Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipstick

This really does what it says on the tin: so creamy your lips feel conditioned and, as you’d expect from this cult Japanese make-up range, the colours are gorgeous and somehow manage to last.  I fell for soft bright pink 03 from the seven shades.

• Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipstick/£27 exclusively from www.selfridges.com - buy here

Clinique Superprimer Face Primers


If you want staying power with your foundation, a primer is pretty well a must and Clinique’s Universal Face Primer is one of the best (their foundations are pretty good too).  But the clever thing is this: quite recently, Clinique launches a range of five Colour Correct primers, targeted at specific complexion problems.  So there is Colour Corrects for Dullness, Sallowness, Redness, Discolourations and Dullness in Deeper Skins. Really rather good (and if you've any doubts about which would be best for you, talk to one of the knowledgeable Clinique consultants).

•  Clinique Superprimer Face Primers/£20 for 30 ml from www.boots.com - buy here

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Eye Mask

To go with two new products in the Deep Relax range, one of our longstanding favourites, Aromatherapy Associates has collaborated with Holistic Silk to create the new Relax Eye Mask.  I sleep much much better in complete dark and – short of shooting out the street light just by our bedroom window – the only answer is to wear a mask.  But it has to be soft, stay in place, be lavender-scented, effectively block the light and – really rather important – look pretty.  My husband actually said how pretty it is (probably compared to the rather utilitarian one I used to wear but he had noticed!) so this really does tick all the boxes.  Do try the products too: Deep Relax Balm, £18, and Relax Massage & Body Oil, £41 for 100 ml, too.

• Aromatherapy Associates Relax Eye Mask/£46 at www.victoriahealth.com -buy here

Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Nails

My finger nails have never been strong and in the winter they peel and flake continuously.  So now I am taking Perfectil, formulated by Vitabiotics originally to help skin and hair then with added goodies to help nail growth and strength.  The nutrients for nails include horsetail (a natural source of silica), a form of sulphur, biotin, calcium and zinc.  So far so hopeful - and I do like a good multi-tasker so the fact it is helping my hair and skin too is a big bonus!

• Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Nails/£15.86 for 60 tablets (one a day) from www.victoriahealth.com - buy here

Rae Feather Poncho

Quite my favourite garment for now is this black, cable stitch, pure wool poncho by fab new designer on the block

Rae Feather

. It goes anywhere, layers over anything and is so fabulously cut that blue- jeaned legs look a million dollars underneath.  I gave my niece a navy one, which she wears to many compliments; there is also a yummy pale grey marl.  The range sneaks in here for two reasons: everyone should know about these gorgeous, super-wearable clothes for one, and secondly, it comes under the heading of stress management,  and lesser stress means less lines - and more time for fun!

Rae Feather roll neck poncho

/£150 from



buy here