Wellbeing tips from Grayshott Spa

Now celebrating its 50th birthday, Grayshott is one of those ‘home-from-home’ spas that its devoted fans return to again and again. For more on this blissful getaway, see Spas We love - but meanwhile here are some great tips from their top therapists. Elaine Williams, Director of Natural Therapeutics, advises: 'Our most important message is to look after your gut flora [the ‘good’ bacteria in your stomach]. EVERYTHING to do with your health and beauty is dependent upon achieving and maintaining the right balance.'

•  Supplement with a good once-a-day probiotic, or more adventurous spirits could try fermented veggies such as sauerkraut. There are some great websites showing how to make your own fermented veggies and it only take about 15mins to prepare.

•  Carrot juice is fabulous for detoxifying the skin so drink a glass daily for a healthy glow.

•  For glossy hair and glowing skin, mix raw honey (cold, untreated honey purchased from a health food shop, not supermarket) with roughly the same amount of virgin coconut oil. Take one tablespoon a day orally. You can also use it topically on your skin and hair.

•  If you are feeling stressed, position the tip of your tongue behind your two top front teeth. This relaxes the nervous system, helps with digestion and helps relax the facial muscles.

•  To stimulate your immune system, sweep away little lumps and bumps on your skin, and wake you up in the morning, there is nothing like dry skin body brushing before you shower.

•  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexes to the whole body are located in the ear. If you massage your ears for five minutes twice a week it acts as a tonic to the whole body. If you find any particularly tender areas, massage gently for 1/2 minute per day. You may be surprised to find certain health problems disappearing. After three to four weeks you will notice the condition of your skin improving. [It is also fab for re-energising if you are feeling snoozy.]


Laura Watson, Head of Beauty, recommends:

'When you're beginning to think of cosmetic surgery or fillers, consider embracing holistic treatments first.Rather than just treating the symptom, holistic treatments look at treating the cause and detecting any imbalance within the body which may be showing itself on the outside, in the skin.'

•  Persistent break-outs, dullness and lack of vitality could all be signs of an internal imbalance that could be treated in a nurturing and healing way.  Consider Reiki to balance the chakras, acupuncture to balance the meridians and/or osteopathy to detect any internal conflict.

•  Choose skincare products that are a pleasure to use – so you give yourself a treat [and actually use them…]. If you only have a few minutes in the shower before leaving for work, invest in a beautiful shower oil that will revive and give you a boost for the coming day. If you're looking for a mask to put on your face whilst you clean your teeth in the evening choose a multi-tasking exfoliating and nourishing one with a beautiful fragrance.


Karen Mitchell, Head of Natural Therapies, says:

'Facial reflexology is a wonderful treatment for de-stressing and for lymphatic draining, taking away puffiness especially around the eyes and making your face look radiant. At the same time it helps to balance and stimulate all the organs. It’s beneficial year round and especially through the winter months when central heating tends to dry skin and make it look very dull.'

•  Pilates and/or yoga class are double-duty beauty practices, helping tone you top to toe, as well as giving you relaxing time out for your self.

•  Look at having your eyebrows professionally reshaped and tinted: this will enhance your eyes, define your facial features and give your face a lifted appearance. [It’s vital to find an experienced beauty therapist for this.]

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