Weleda Tinted Lip Balms


Straight-in-the-handbag go these! Actually, handbags! And coat pockets!

We’re fond of a tinted lip balm, but all three shades of these have us enraptured. There’s a Nude – which isn’t putty-like and washed-out like some, but simply enhances your natural lip shade. Rose is ultra-pretty, with just a hint of blush/brown-y, not-too-pink pink. (If you get our drift.) Berry Red, meanwhile, is Jo’s favourite: she loves a ‘bitten lip’ look.

They’re sheer enough that you can apply them via the slanted tip without a mirror, to deliver instant shea-butter-and-jojoba-oil-powered comfort. (They've a very subtle vanilla-y taste, too.)

We may be reaching the end of the lip balm season, technically – once the central heating goes off once and for all – but these are keepers, for sheer ease-of-wear and flatter-factor.

Weleda Tinted Lip Balms/£6.95 each at weleda.co.uk