Welcome to The Beauty Of It

As many of you know, we have our own YouTube channel with an edit of what we consider to be the best beauty videos out there.  Lots from Bobbi Brown, lots from Lisa Eldridge.  And most of the rest out - all 87 gazillion of them (and counting) - generally don't reach our high standards. We've long considered doing our own videos, but the books are so all-consuming we'd rather focus on bringing together an edit of the best of other people's.  But from now on we'll regularly be updating you with offerings from these two:  Alice Du Parcq and Emma Gunavardhana (a.k.a. 'Emma G.' for obvious reasons), whose new YouTube channel The Beauty Of It just went live.

What Alice (formerly at Easy LivingSunday Times Style etc.) and Emma (former Fashion & Beauty Editor of Hello) do is give down-to-earth reviews of products that they consider worth spending money on.  Like us, they get to see and try everything, and the products these fellow insiders have selected are those which all of us beauty editors really believe to be the best.  (There's a real consensus, when you get us in a room together.)

They're short, they're sweet, they're credible and down-to-earth - and they're definitely worth watching.  Here's their intro video - click here - which explains everything.

So watch this space - as well as their own channel - and we'll be bringing you the ones we consider to be the 'best of the best'.

For our own YouTube channel, click here...