Beauty Bible wishes you a Merry Christmas (and a restful New Year)...


We’d like to wish all of our readers – new and old – a wonderful break. We’re chilling out and winding down ourselves till the first Monday in January... If you're arriving at this website for the first time because you've just received a copy of one of our books for Christmas, do have a jolly good mooch around. This is literally an encyclopaedia of beauty: hundreds of articles on every single aspect of beauty. (And we were one of the first-ever beauty websites, launched back in the very early 2000s.)

There are prize draws to enter for some stunning prizes - and (we think) answers to just about any pressing beauty problem you might find yourself challenged by. And with our years (too many to count) of experience in the beauty world, we tell it like it is. You'll never find anything on this site that we don't 100% believe in. (And we don't take ads, for just that reason.)

We'd like to thank every one of our readers for your great support - we literally couldn't do this without our band of willing beauty testers, who are once again embarking on another round of trialling dozens of different products, in order to steer women to the best of what's out there.

We couldn't do it without our magnificent team, too: Editorial Assistant and all-round wonder girl Amy Eason, Jessie Lawrence (who co-ordinates our teams of testers), Dave Edmunds (logistics!) and Sharon Whiting, our PR. Thanks too to the team at Kyle Books, who produced the beautiful volume that might - just might - have brought you to our site.

So: a big hurray to all of them - and all of you... SCRIPT JO & SARAH