Waitrose Pure Night Cream


You might have seen raves elsewhere in the glossies, Sundays and on blogs about the new Waitrose Pure products – but so far this is one of the ones we’re currently really love, love, loving. Now, declaring an interest here, Jo does happen to be the Waitrose Beauty Editor (for Waitrose Food and Waitrose Weekend, where you can read her pretty much every week).

But as our regular readers know – and why Beauty Bible has become so trusted – there’s no close relationship or brown envelope of used fivers or sponsorship from a beauty brand that can get something featured here if we don’t like it. (Unless a 10-strong panel of Beauty Bible testers loves it, that is.) We are probably pretty unique, nowadays, in simply offering honest opinions without being given a £5,000 bung to do so. And yes, that happens way more than you can possibly imagine.

So: bottom line is that we’d like this with or without that Waitrose link. It’s fabulously rich, unscented, incredibly nourishing, great for sensitive skins – and if we call it utterly no-nonsense, that doesn’t do justice to its pleasure factor. Shea butter, wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil all feature. And it’s lush, lush, lush.

It’s not going to break anyone’s bank to check quite a few products from the Pure range out – there’s a Korean beauty-inspired cleansing grains product, a hot cloth cleanser, and a day cream counterpart to this Waitrose Pure Night Cream – but can we suggest you start here? (PS It’s the one in the pink packaging, not the blue, if you’re looking at the Pure fixture.)

Waitrose Pure Night Cream/£5 for 50 ml at waitrose.com