W7 Face Shaping Contour Stix


We love a bit of contour, us. Hours of fun. (And it’s amazing how a little bit of shadow can sharpen a jaw, narrow a nose, define a cheekbone.) Then – because (as Caravaggio understood) beauty is all about light and shade, the merest touch of highlight can make another massive difference, opening up the eyes, for instance.

So from W7 – the only make-up brand we know of which is named after their postcode – comes a nifty, super-affordable trio of pencils which invite you to play around with the shape of your face for very little money indeed.

There’s a brown crayon, which you draw onto skin and blend. (Blending is absolutely key with this kit, NB.) And a highlighter pencil. And, for good measure, a lightly shimmering bronzer which can be easily smooshed into skin for a touch of sun-kiss. Ideally, apply the Face Shaping Contour Stix over your foundation, and they’ll blend beautifully with fingertips. (But never has the mantra ‘blend, blend, blend’ been more relevant.) Don’t throw the packaging away, by the way: it has photographs to guide you as to what goes where.

The crayons couldn’t be easier to play with. But what we recommend is using a ‘three-way’ mirror for contouring, so you can see your reflection from the side.  Then just watch those cheekbones appear...!

W7 Face Shaping Contour Stix/£6.95 for the trio at www.amazon.co.uk